Thursday, December 15, 2011

Makeup Look of the Day, Current Music Faves

Decided to get out of my frumpy slump this week by playing around with makeup after going down a YouTube tutorial rabbit hole. (That's always how it starts.) I tried out a few smoky tutorials by Shiobhan at Letz Makeup, but ended up with a simple winged eyeliner look and neutral browns. Please forgive my hair, it's in that awkward growing out stage.

Then I went out, wandered around Sephora sighing at all the makeup I wanted but was too broke to buy, and bought myself an adorable make up tote by Caboodles at Target instead.


I think I also want to start sharing music, because this blog was meant to be for everything I fangirl at the time, not just books. Though it will probably stay mostly books, because I read so damn much. Anyway, a few songs I've been loving lately, in helpful playlist form, and I bid you all a goodnight.

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