Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review: Iron Druid Chronicles

Hounded, Hexed & Hammered
Author: Kevin Hearne
Series: Iron Druid Chronicles #1, #2, #3
Rating: ✮✮✮✮✮
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Atticus O’Sullivan has been running for two thousand years and he’s a bit tired of it. After he stole a magical sword from the Tuatha Dé Danann (those who became the Sidhe or the Fae) in a first century battle, some of them were furious and gave chase, and some were secretly amused that a Druid had the cheek to defy them. As the centuries passed and Atticus remained an annoyingly long-lived fugitive, those who were furious only grew more so, while others began to aid him in secret.

Now he’s living in Tempe, Arizona, the very last of the Druids, far from where the Fae can easily find him. It’s a place where many paranormals have decided to hide from the troubles of the Old World—from an Icelandic vampire holding a grudge against Thor to a coven of Polish witches who ran from the German Blitzkrieg.

Atticus O'Sullivan is the new love of my life, and The Iron Druid Chronicles are officially my new favorite urban fantasy novels. Sorry, Cal Leandros. It had to happen eventually.


- Awesome main character who is equal amounts of bad ass, funny, relatable and easy to fall in love with? Check.
- Sidekick solely there for comic relief that is actually funny? Check.
- Romance/sex that doesn't disrupt the forward thrust (I couldn't resist) of the plot? Check
- A plot that is actually entertaining? Check.
- A truly formidable enemy? Check.
- All the various supernatural elements you can stomach without seeming to go overboard? Check.

I'm sure there are other points, but those are the things I love most in my urban fantasy, and when even one of these isn't done right, the book doesn't work for me. Atticus O'Sullivan TOTALLY WORKED FOR ME in more ways than one. I kinda want him to be real, or at least to be made a TV show so Richard Madden can play him in all his delicious red-headed Irish glory.

Atticus and the Morrigan in my dreeeeams
Hounded, Hexed and Hammered are a fantastic trio of novels to spend time with, and I ate them down like the delicious, delicious candy they are. They're a great mix of urban fantasy and mythology, which makes my toes curl in the best way possible. They don't just focus on Irish mythology, though it's a big part of the Hounded; in Atticus's world, all the gods and all the pantheons exist in some form, which I love.

This isn't to say the series doesn't have flaws; Atticus is a big Mary Sue sometimes, having sex with goddesses and killing dudes with hilarious quips. There's also some problematic sexism, which I attribute to the genre more than this book itself. I think the fact that I love this series so much makes it easy to overlook the flaws.

Anyway, yes. New favorite series and character ever. I'm going to be rocking in place every night until the next three books come out next year.


  1. Doooooooooooood!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    I love your check list, and I love that it's so spot on!

    I don't pick up a Mary Sue vibe from Atticus at all, only because he's lived for so long. He's bound to have some major skills, but I can see how he can seem a bit over done at times.

    Love this review! Very objective. And dang! How did you find the perfect hottie to play Atticus. I wish we had talked sooner. LOL

    P.S. In my dreams the Morrigan doesn't look that happy.

  2. I'm so glad I'm finding more people who love this series, Missie! He's a Mary Sue in the way that I don't get annoyed at him for it, I just love him more. Because he's SO AWESOME.

    And LOL, I couldn't think of anyone but Richard Madden once I saw the cover and read more of Atticus's description.

  3. What? Really? Atticus annoyed the heck out of me with all those damn baseball stats. LOL