Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some Girls Bite Read-Along

This week's read-along is being hosted by Books in the Spotlight, so head there for links and info. Again, questions and my reactions are under the more tag to keep from spoiling anyone.

Chapters 9-12

1. Catcher and Ethan share some personality traits. What makes Mallory, Merit, and even us readers attracted to these guys? Would you date/mate with someone like these guys in real life? 

Guys like Catcher and Ethan are intense. Whatever they have -- the confidence, the charm, etc -- they have it in spades, and it's easy to be drawn to something so attractive like that. I don't blame Mallory or Merit one bit. Annnnnd maybe I'd mate with Catcher. Once. Ethan, nah.

2. In Chapter 9 we learn of another murder. Do you see any patterns with the previous murder and Merit's attack? Do you have any guesses as to who is responsible and the motive behind the murders?

Well, the theory I'm most keen on is that it's a vampire trying to take down the House system, someone who was burned by it in the past. I'm not sure if it's a Rogue, or a House vamp nursing a longtime grudge. 

3. The commendation is my favorite moment in the book and a significant event in Merit's life. She has finally come to terms that she is a Cadogan vampire. Were you surprised at all that Merit resisted Ethan's call and that he made her a Sentinel? Do you think she'll do well in this position? Why or why not?

I wasn't entirely surprised she resisted the call, but I didn't see her being named Sentinel coming. I mean, it makes sense that something this huge happens to Merit because the book is about her, but damn. That's some big vamp mojo.

4. Loyalty is a reoccurring theme throughout the book and much of this series. Why is it so important to Ethan that he needs Merit's allegiance? Is it solely a Master and Sentinel thing or does it imply something else?

I think to Ethan, Merit's been resisting everything about being a vampire since day one, and he just wants her to be loyal. There's something more to it as well, maybe Ethan was aware something like this would happen with Merit, maybe not.

5. If you had the opportunity to sit down with Ethan, Merit, Mallory, and Catcher for a bite to eat like in the beginning of Chapter 12, what questions would you ask them at this point of the story?

Ethan, what is your end game? Also, stop being so hot.
Mallory, Catcher,  I think you guys need to like, tape some of your sexy times, it'd benefit the rest of the world.
Merit...girl, what have you gotten yourself into?


  1. "Ethan, what is your end game? Also, stop being so hot."

    HAHAHA! Love it:) It's probably best he alternates between being an a-hole and being sexy, otherwise we probably wouldn't be able to handle the Ethan-full-time-hotness. Also, I'm loving that everyone is now using the word "mate". Complete win.

    1. I picture him as the guy you used in your MBB too, so he's DOUBLE the hot when I read. It's distracting!

  2. haha! Yes, a smexy times tape between Catcher and me...er...Mallory would be very interesting to see. I'd probably learn a lot from it