Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Five Alarm Book Reviews = Awesome!

I'm kind of a giveaway lover. I enter wherever possible, and I've actually discovered tons of new book blogs that way (to the detriment of my poor RSS reader). Well, today I discovered I won a $70 gift card to Amazon courtesy of Steph at Five Alarm Book Reviews!

I'm super excited about it, and after receiving the gift card, I kinda stared at Amazon blankly and tried to remember what books I've been wanting most, and if I should spend it all in one go or spread it out or something

Anyway, so much thanks to Five Alarm Book Reviews. Go check it out, it's a great blog and Steph is obviously an incredibly cool person. :)


  1. Aw, congratulations! That's an awesome prize (from an awesome blog)--be sure to let us know what you end up buying!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    1. Thank you, and I shall! I have a great haul I can't wait to share. :D

  2. Aw, this is incredibly sweet. I appreciate all of your kind words.