Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review: Darkness Falls, by Cate Tiernan

Darkness Falls
Author: Cate Tiernan
Series: Immortal Beloved #2
Rating: ✮✮✮✮
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Nastasya has lived for hundreds of years, but for some reason, life never seems to get any better. She left her spoiled, rich girl life to find peace at River's Edge, a safe haven for wayward immortals. There, she learned to embrace River's Edge, despite some drama involving the sexy Reyn, who she wants but won't allow herself to have. But just as she's getting comfortable, her family's ties to dark magick force her to leave.

She falls back into her old, hard partying ways, but will her decision lead her into the hands of a dark immortal? Or will it be her first step to embracing the darkness within her?

I absolutely loved the first book in this series, Immortal Beloved, and was anxious to have Darkness Falls live up to it -- which it totally did.

We continue with Nastasya's emotional journey as she's in immortal rehab, and while at times it felt like the first third of Darkness Falls was treading the same ground Immortal Beloved did, new ideas and revelations in Nastasya's life keep it from being the same old thing. I loved Nastasya as much as I did in the first book, and while I was so-so on Reyn at first, he skyrocketed to Book Boyfriend status in this one. His sexual tensions with Nastasya is amazing, and while there are plenty of reasons either would produce for not being together, I wanted to lock them in a room and make them have adorable Nordic immortal babies.

Nastasya's regression is done pretty well, from the reason she finally falls back into her old life to the allure of Innocencio and the darkness that seems to surround her. I spent the last thirty or so pages clutching the book in anxiety on Nastasya's behalf, and I loved the ending.

Here's to waiting forever for Immortal Light.


  1. Loved it and read parts of it even twice at the same day! Great book. Really adore Reyn and Nastasya as characters. Have read all the books of Cate Tiernan and can't wait till the next one! ( Will it be called Eternally Yours or Immortal Light?)

    It was suprising that some little things ( like circles, the destroyed towns, lost family, scrying in water/fire/whatever ) come back in all of her books books, but are brought to you in such a way that you don't even mind it, which is pretty cool.

    Anyway keep up the writing! Don't know what to do without your books Cate!

  2. I am such a huge Cate Tiernan fan girl. And I LOVED Immortal Beloved and I'm so glad that Darkness Falls is just as freaking good.