The Wandering Fangirl is my home on the web, named so because I often can't decide what form of fangirl I am at any given moment. I love everything with equal fervor.

I'm a 28 year old Philosophy undergrad, I currently work in social media, and my aim is life is to be happy. Though originally from New York, I currently live in Southern California with my boyfriend of 3 years (a film/video game fanboy himself). Reading is only one of my many passions; I read just as many comics as books, and I'm the creator/editor of Girls Read Comics Too, a blog and podcast. I also love listening to and sharing music, marathoning TV, and I want to start crotchet at some point.

Find me elsewhere:

Email: pktechmell (at) gmail (dot) com
Twitter: @strongpieces | @girlsreadcomics
Tumblr: strongpieces
Last.fm: melloniel